Alex Flint

Monastic and AI alignment researcher

Hello! Welcome! My name is Alex. I am just now writing a description of myself for my website so that you may understand what kind of person I am and decide how and whether you wish to relate to me. You may be in fact be in the midst of this very dilemma just now! If so, read on.

I am a thirty five year old male human. My parents loved me very much but there is a lot they did not know and although they did a good job, I came out of my first twenty years a bit wonky.

At first I didn’t like being wonky, so I decided to leave my home country and study for a PhD at a prestigious university. This didn’t fix my wonkiness but it was a lot of fun and I met some very good people who pointed me on the way.

But I didn’t listen to any of them. I decided that I would find the solution to my wonkiness in the practical know-how of entrepreneurship, so I moved to New York City and worked very hard for a technology company. This was absolutely terrible and I hated it!

I decided that to really fix my wonkiness, I should get married and buy a house. Needless to say, this didn’t work either.

I was just about to give up when some friends called me up and said “hi, we are going to raise some money and hire some people and build robots together! would you like to join us?” and since I had no hope of fixing anything at this point, I said yes. This was a very good decision.

The company was terrific fun and I fell in love and for a few months life became the most wonderful of adventures and I was very happy. Then we ran out of money and things got very stressful.

To fix the stress, we decided to sell the company to General Motors. This did technically work, and we made some money, but then we had to work for General Motors. I quite enjoyed this but my cofounders hated it and they left to start new companies and try again.

I on the other hand decided that to finally get my life on track I should try to singlehandedly fix the whole world. So I left General Motors with some money in my pocket and rented a small cottage in Berkeley to hunker down and figure out how to fix the world. It has been clear for some time that this is also not going to work. In the time since I gave up on this plan I have been extremely happy.

But life goes on. My next plan is to go to a monastery and get myself enlightened. I will be leaving on March 1st. I think this is a pretty good plan and is likely to finally fix everything that is wrong with me and the world. In fact this plan seems almost certain to work, wouldn’t you say?

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